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Will Work For Money cover
Will Work For Money
The Best of the 4-track Years

Pulled Over
The Case of the Missing Finger
Esther’s In Town
Landing Strip
Nice Piece
Knocked Up
Enjoying The View
Line Of Credit
Things Work Out
Nice Shoes
Lay Back
Recorded between 2003 to 2006 Mastered September 2008 Available at CD Baby Available at iTunes

All of your early favourites, remixed and digitally remastered to get it up to medium-fi.  You can do quite a bit with 4 tracks.

And a Review:

"Will Work for Money" by Gregg Koval is a fun collection of rock songs. Gregg's clever lyrical plays on words had us laughing throughout the CD. The combination of these clever lyrics and Gregg's knack for writing memorable choruses, will leave you with some repeatingly funny themes in your mind after listening to this CD - Go ahead, grab a handful and help yourself to these tracks. The music on the CD is solid as well, especially the guitar playing. "Knocked Up" was one of our favorites, with a catchy upbeat groove and a memorable chorus that had us cracking up. There's even some financial advise on the CD, with "Line of Credit." If you're looking to lighten up your day with some good tunes and good laughs, check out this CD. (Mature Themes). -RadioIndy Reviewer Team

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