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It's not much of a Store anymore.  Not that I stopped making music but I did stop making physical CDs.  The cost/benefit just wasn't there.  I feel sorry for people that want to make vinyl LPs.  You may as well throw your money in the street.

Is there anything to buy here?  Just digital downloads.  I'd rather have someone buy a song than stream it.

In 2020, I got off of CD Baby since they really screwed everything up by getting rid of their online store; the only thing that made them stand out from the rest of the DD companies.  So moved to DistroKid.

If you like to stream, I'm on Spotify or Apple

If you do want to buy/dontae or whatever they call it these days, the place to do it is at my BandCamp page and everything is still super cheap (I'm not in it for the money).

Or just listen to bunch of stuff below: