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Safe Space (Edit)

Rel Apr 2017

My second Official Single.  You buy it, I'll send you a link for the full length version. 
Beach Whistle cover Beach Whistle

Rel Aug 2016

My first Offical Single.  I've never done a single before.

Dutch Oven

Rel February 2016

I think this will be my last physical CD for a while, at least until I spit out another Best Of.

That's the plan anyways.  For this latest album, it started out with being another Bright Ideas; just an EP, and the same kind of formula with 2 vocal songs and 2 instrumentals with a total of maybe 20 minutes running time. Then it turned into being my second instrumental CD. I went with Dutch Oven for the title because way back at the beginning of last year, I planned on the next CD being called that. Certain things take me a while.


Bright Ideas - Volume 2 cover Bright Ideas - Volume 2

Rel June 2015

At the very end of April, I started working on these songs. I started working on other stuff too around the middle of April because I finally got an Alesis drum machine I could tap the tempo with. Comes in very handy. Also, I wanted to use the  Electro Harmonix B9 and C9 pedals.  Those 2 pedals are the best. Also, when I was backing up my Albert Collins CDs, I thought I'd like to try and do blues songs with the organ pedals.   I started 4 songs and all 4 ended up being the "keepers".  Since only 4 songs, I decided to make them another Bright Ideas. It ain't easy being this simple, y'know.


Bright Ideas cover Bright Ideas - Volume 1

Rel December 2014

This started out with all intentions of being the next full CD, Dutch Oven, but with all the busyness going on through out the second part of the year, I managed to finish up only 4 songs. I did get all my lyrics though, so it's not like I set out to put out only 4 new songs.

This was my first EP, and first mixed and editted on the PC (using Samplitude). The results are better than anything I could have ridden the faders for. Everything's so nice and clean. I like that.


Will Work For More Money cover Will Work For More Money - The Best of the 24-track Years
Rel April 2014

When I put out my first "Best Of" Will Work For Money back in 2008, it was because I retired the 4-track and was looking forward to new stuff with my then-newish Tascam 2488. Same thing with this one. After 6 years of a fun learning curve, I had to retire the old Tascam 2488. Unfortunately, thing's just get old. Its replacement, a Tascam DP-32, isn't much of a replacement. or half the machine the 2488 is. So while I'm looking forward to doing new songs, I'm not really keen on using the DP32 for it.


No Harm Done - Volume 1 cover

No Harm Done - Volume 1
Rel Oct 2012

For this CD, I thought I'd try something different. Inside the CD cover, there's a line in there that says, "for years my parents have been asking me when I was going to do an instrumental CD."  As much as I like making up words to songs and singing, even though some people wish I wouldn't, making a song without any lyrics is really, really easy.

I'll be honest, for me, there isn't too much brand new here. These are all redone songs of mine that I had for years.  A lot of that had to do with me having a Gypsy year (living in 4 different places in one year) so I'm amazed I got anything at all.


Will Work For Money cover

Will Work For Money - The Best of the 4-track Years
Released 2008

I'm very pleased to say that this CD won me a Gold Artist Award at RadioIndy and also a GrIndie Award.


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