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Bass.  I love playing bass.  Doesn't mean I'm good at it but I love playing bass.  It`s harder to play properly than playing the guitar.

Before having a real bass I used to tune a Strat copy's low strings down to B-E-A-D and then record with the tape pitch sped up.  That would bring everything down to A in normal speed.  I used to have a lot of songs in A. 

I got my first real bass in 1994 from a guy I used to play in a band with.  It was a Goya (made by Hagstrom before they became a U.S. brand).  He had two and needed some money.  I had money and wanted a bass.  Worked out pretty good.  It's a shorter scale bass with neck through body design.  It looks like an ebony board but I'm not a treeologist.  The guy I bought it from put a brass nut in it and phase switches for each pick up.  It does cover a lot of ground for sounds.

 I used that bass on everything up until 2000 when I bought a Mexican Fender Jazz bass in candy apple red, or whatever they called it.  Sparkling Burgundy?   I used that exclusively until 2006 when I started using the Goya again and I sold that Mexican bass.

In 2008, on a whim I picked up an Epiphone EB3 in white.  It was at the store and I`ve never seen an SG bass in white.  I didn't even plug it in until I brought it home.  It's different but I like it.  After having that, I could start picking out bass tones on other people's records easier.  It doesn't suit every song but it is pretty warm with a bit of a slur to it.

In 2010 I bought my American Fender Jazz bass from a friend of mine.  He had the Geddy Lee bass and didn't play this sunburst one anymore so I took it.  Tweaked the truss rod; did the intonation; did the string height and now it's a treat.  Not bad for getting it at basically half the price.  It's a good thing I didn't get into basses like I do guitars because I'd be broke by now.



Goya Bass  Fender Jazz Bass (my first one)  Epiphone EB3  Fender Jazz Bass

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