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I`ve had a few acoustics over the years.  My first and one of my now-long-gone favourites was a Celebrity acoustic I bought way back in 1989 for $315.  You couldn't plug it in but that was alright.  I used that on everything when I was learning/recording. I sold it to a friend of mine after I got a Celebrity that you could plug in and it had the leaflet sound holes.  As much as I liked that guitar it was hard to record.  Really comfortable since the back was a little shallower.  I`ll say this about Ovation acoustic guitars, they`re the best to restring.  You never lose any pegs.

Around 1998 I got my first resonator, an Epiphone Biscuit with a wood body.  I liked it alot but it was a little wonky.  What I really wanted at the time was an all chrome one - that would be many years away.  But the Biscuit was good and it sounded like a resonator.

I remember in the early 2000's I picked up a Fender acoustic.  What a hunk of shit.  It just sounded awful.  I didn't have that one for very long.  Word of advice: never buy a Fender Acoustic.

Next I got my first Taylor; a Taylor Baby which has just recently been put to rest (neck finally warped beyond repair).  That was a really good sounding, distinctive acoustic. It lasted 10 years.  It was really fun for doing fast runs since it was a shorter scale.

After I got the Baby, I ventured into my first full size Taylor.  Wow, that sounded nice and it was only their entry model, E10 or something.  But, and maybe it's because I started on round-backs, I had a harder time playing it.  Not with my left hand but with my right arm reaching over the guitar's shoulder.  It really did get annoying for me, so much that in 2009, I used it as a trade in for my Gibson SG3.  No regrets.

In 2005, I got one of my dream guitars: an all chrome Epiphone resonator. The MD-100.  That thing has the best neck and is one of the best guitars I've ever bought.  It plays like a dream, always stays in tune and the intonation is right on.  The wood one (biscuit) was the trade in for this.  Two things: it`s hard to keep clean and it`s really hard to take pictures of.

At the end of 2010 I found my new number one acoustic.  Actually I bought two acoustics that weekend.  First I picked up a Beaver Creek guitar; whereas the Fender was a shitty sounding guitar, the Beaver Creek was the least stable guitar I've ever bought.  The second guitar was my Takamine G406.  A "New Yorker" body (much smaller than a regular sized acoustic), it's a real treat and the attention to detail is just great. It sounds wonderful, whether being finger-picked or strummed.  I think it`s every song but 1 on the No Harm Done -Volume 1 CD.

At least for acoustics, I'm done buying.  All I really need is that Takamine and chrome Epiphone.

Epiphone MD-100

Takamine G406

Some acoustics I used to have

Celebrity Acoustic Celebrity Acoustic (1998) / acoustics Celebrity Acoustic (2010) Beaver Creek Acoustic

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