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Office Copier Brochures

Know what I love?  I’ll tell you.  Office Copier brochures.  Not so much for the actual product (who cares – they all work basically the same).  No, it’s not the specs or the options that come with some models either.  Of course the verbiage is great, y’know, because I really “need a solution to meet the daily challenges faced in an increasingly sophisticated communications environment.”  Or my business “can no longer conform to the rigid workflow processes forced upon it by yesterday’s office technology.”  And of course, those time-saving features to “meet those important deadlines.”  Now, every printer spits out paper pretty darn fast, so if I was late for a deadline, I think it was because I was late in the first place.

High Speed MFC

It’s really the pictures of the people they use in their brochures that I like the best.  You’ve seen the kind - the slutty-looking chick intensely looking at a computer keyboard when you know she’s thinking, “Keyboards are stupid – none of these letters spell anything.”  Or the middle-age guy dressed in a slick black suit and yellow tie - I’d even wear that.  But have you ever seen how a real 40-50 year old balding guy dresses?  It ain’t like that.  This month (and probably this month only), we’ll look at the Canon Company’s Multifunction brochures.  They were graciously unknowing enough to let me scan in some pictures from their brochures.  Anyways, here’s some examples of the good times people have - not using a copier at all.  And of course, what they’re thinking.

Ice T  Mmmm Nice

Hot  White women

What was the most amazing thing was that for a multifunction company, not one of these photographs had the people standing by a copy machine – not a one.  Not even someone else’s brand.

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