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Jigsaw Puzzled

Norman Rockwell Jigsaw Puzzle BoxEver since I got that extra table, I thought about doing a jigsaw puzzle.  I remember doing them when I was a kid and never minded doing them.  Actually, they were quite fun.  So now that I have this extra space, I ended up doing my first puzzle in years.  It was just a fall scene and it didn’t take that long to do.  On the side of the box it said for “6 years and up” but personally I don’t have 6 years to waste on a puzzle.  I was almost proud that, even though it was out on the table for about 3 weeks, I really finished it in 6 days.  It was such a pleasant experience that I immediately went out and bought another one.  This time I wanted something a little more challenging. I ended up getting a Norman Rockwell puzzle.  See?

Now, to challenge myself, I wanted to finish it the quickest possible time and even “journal” it for you fine folks. Here’s what happened:

Day 1:
Opened up the box, poured all the pieces on the table, and turned them over right-side-up.  Lots of black pieces.  Lots of brown ones too.  Also, compared to the picture on the box, it seems that all the colours are a little different.  Hmmm….there’s the phone.  Hang on.

Wow, that was quite the conversation.  Now I’m sleepy since it’s getting late.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get the perimeter done.

Day 2:
Guess I have stuff to do tonight. Shouldn’t have started this puzzle on a Thursday.

Day 3:
Looked at puzzle on my way out.  Tomorrow.

Day 4:
Finally, some spare time.  Got the perimeter done finally.  At first I wondered the dimensions of this thing.  Slowly realising that certain pieces do fit with other ones that don’t match.  After re-piecing together some pieces, the puzzle won’t be 5’x98”. It’s back to being 2’x3’ – just like the box boasts.

Starting a puzzleDay 5:
Walked by puzzle.

Day 6:
Walked by puzzle; said Hi. Didn’t answer but I’m just making nice.

Day 7:
Sat down to start sorting like colour pieces into separate piles.  Mom calls; asks if I’m busy.  I don’t think doing a puzzle constitutes as “busy”.  Should have said I was busy.

Day 8:
Whew – a little more free time.  To make up for my lack of progress, I thought I’d have 2 coffees, 5 sugar donuts, and put my Lamb of God CD on to help me speed things up.  It worked. I got the left side basically done (the cabinet).

Day 9:
Friday night and I got company.  Got teased.  Should have covered it with newspaper.

Day 10:
It’s raining this morning and I don’t have company.  Heard bottles smashing and raised voices.  It’s hard to concentrate when the cops are breaking up another domestic next door.  Put the headphones on.  By the time the cops left I didn’t feel like continuing the puzzle.

Day 11:
Still a crummy weekend weather-wise.  Got most of the old man put together and some of the ghost-chick.

Day 12:
Saw puzzle.  Looks better than a week ago.

Day 13:
Finished puzzleGot the old man completely done and from the cabinet to him filled in.

Day 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20:
Time flies when I’m not doing any puzzle.

Day 21:
Ah, another Wednesday night.  Filled in in-between the cabinet and the chick.

Day 22:
Finished up top, left hand side.

Day 23:
Almost done.  Sneezed – blew pieces everywhere.  Spent rest of evening sweeping under fridge for stray pieces.  I think I found them all – will know, for sure, within the month.

Day 24:
Called in sick to work to finish this damn thing up. All done.


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