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A Picture of Health Part 2
Me as a ButcherWell, so far we looked at a good diet for staying slim, trim and a word that rhymes with slim.  Hopefully, you got about 10 pounds lighter just by reading it.  Now we’ll look at activities that you can do to keep the fat away. We’ll have a look at winter activities you can do first and then work our way to summer fun.

1st off, I’ve found that Playstation2 or PS3 keeps me in the buff.  The hand-eye coordination really sheds away the pounds.  Also, all the adrenaline that gets built up can change all the flab into muscle.  So you might be thinking, “What if I play Playstation with someone else?  Will the pounds be cut in half because 2 people are sharing the weight-loss experience?”  Of course not, each of you will receive a –2 for Weight and even a +2 for Dexterity.

Secondly, watching movies.  It’s a fun pastime anytime of the year. I find that watching movies at home can decrease weight gain substantially. I recommend 2 cigarettes per movie to really cut down the hunger pangs. Now when watching a movie with a friend, have plenty of coffee so that way you’ll be flushing the weight away. Now, if you’re watching a movie with a special friend, there’ll be a good chance you won’t make it all the way through the film (so it’s best to make it one that you’ve probably seen a million times and something they won’t really care for. Blade Runner and RoboCop are good ones….followed by Conan the Barbarian. Which leads to the next weight-losing activity….

I’m not even going to type it – that’s how much class I have. But if you still don’t know what I’m referring to then listen to some of the songs on the website.  Honestly, what’s a better way to shake off a chill?  The best part about this activity is that everybody likes to do it. And you can even have a cigarette when you’re “taking a break” (curbing your desire for food). Heck you can even get a quart of healthy strawberries and Cool Whip and use them for… I guess this isn’t really the time or place. But, using Jujubes is a great strawberry substitute – they’re fat free!

I don’t want to give away all my secrets for a healthy living, but that was just 3 of the many examples of how to stay fit in the winter months. Now when the geese start flying back north, you know it’s Springtime (and Summer, I think, is next) and therefore you should be outdoors doing stuff – healthy stuff. Let’s have a look at what I recommend when the snow starts to melt away.

French FryWhat I’m a big fan of is going bird watching. I used to go with a friend of mine, and we used to go for the hawk migrations. I found that I just like being outside in the nice morning air and sun.  Fresh air can make you drowsy so just remember to have lots of coffee and cigarettes with you.  Even better to stay fit, is bring a special friend to an out of the way park.  You wouldn’t believe the sights you’ll see.

Now, staying trim and slim is all and well, but to top it off, you shouldn’t skip on an important summer activity. That’s right – getting a tan. Let’s say that you’re slim and pasty; yup, that’s gross. Let’s say that you’re slim and golden brown; yup, hot stuff, people. Hot stuff.

You might be wondering, wow, that’s a lot of activities, but do you have any summer-diet suggestions. Sure do. Nothing like an ice cold Coca-Cola to take the heat off. I’m sure you’ve heard of people saying, “Well, get some bottled water.” Bottled water? They want at least $1.25 for a bottle. I say, why not pay $1.25 for the same amount of water, with the added bonus of colouring and a healthy does of sugar? If you look at it like that, Coke is the healthy alternative to water – and at that price, it’s a steal.

So I hope I’ve enlightened everyone again this month with my look at weight-shedding activities. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have someone coming over tonight for some Playstation and half a movie.