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KH FlyerJust before this Easter, I had a spiritual awakening of sorts.

The fine folks at Kingdom Hall made their rounds a couple of weekends ago, and lo and behold, who's face do I see on their Easter flyer? That's right: mine.

Again, I ain't mad, just like when Rush "borrowed" my Blind Date cover to use for their latest record, although someone down there at the ol KH could have asked for my permission. But look at that smile. Not bad, eh? Then it all came back to me.

Let me tell you a little bit about my life...

One day in April I woke up and my memory was blank. Who was I? I had no idea but my hands and feet were pretty sore. Two kind people took me in as if I were theirs. I even had a brother, their first child. In that environment, how could I known who I secretly was. I just humbly accepted my situation and carried on. In hindsight, what else would a prophet do?

Some say I was born in a manger and that I had no human father, like Darth Vader. Some say I missed out on the "Massacre of the Innocents" when my birth mother dressed me up as a girl (or so I was told). I don't know, it was so long ago but I started to remember more and more.

Not much happened in my youth. I used to do track and field a lot. Long jump was my favourite. I remember being 12 and going to some bazaar in Jerusalem to get some concert jerseys. I remember following this one band around for a couple of years. That's when I let my hair grow a bit. Then again, everyone had long hair. And the peyote. Whew. That's enough to knock me down when I think about that stuff again.

I did hitch-hike east and learned their philosophies. That's where I got the whole "God is in you" bit. Really nice people though. Smart. Especially those Chinese. And could they ever play ping pong. The Bhuddist were pretty cool too. Really laid back and serene.

Life was pretty good except there was this one guy who followed me around a lot, always wanting me to do magic tricks. Don't get me wrong, I love magic but how often do I have to turn stones into bread? After that I had a pretty good gang of guys I used to hang around with. They used to love to hear me ramble about all the stuff I learned when I was in Tibet. Ah, the sweet life.

KH - back of flyerThen I'll never forget the day I was double crossed. That was when my so called friends at the time said, "Hey, were going to Calvary", I thought great, we can watch the Flames play whoever and maybe go out drinking or something. But no, the next day, they literally put me on a cross. I even said the night before at the bar, "One of you guys are going to get me into trouble." Sure enough, next day I'm up there, stuck on a wooden T, thinking, "This is a crummy way to spend Easter." I got sleepy and conked out.

And then, like I mentioned earlier, I woke up and I had some sort of amneisia but I lived my "second life" as happy as could be too. Got in a band, started making CDs, this website. I even got a Gold Top. Oh, sure, I thought of using some divine intervention to get big and famous but I've been there before and look where that got me!

Lastly, I never understood why I got the name Gregg. But I do now. It's all the Gs...as in G-sus! That's the real spelling too so now you can tell your Sunday School teacher what's what.